Psychological Diagnostic Evaluations1

This service provides two types of evaluations:

  • A psychological diagnosis and determination of the level of disability that may affect your capacity to maintain a required level of performance for employment. 2

    In this type of evaluation, I assess basic level mental status, levels of intelligence, and behavior. I may also evaluate the impact of chronic pain and substance use. The final document will describe the claimant’s history, diagnostic testing outcomes and formulation, and a statement regarding the claimant’s capacity to engage in everyday living activities.

  • An assessment of mental fitness for rigorous careers, such as might be required for application to the U.S. Armed Forces or law enforcement agencies.

    This kind of assessment is often required of individuals with mental health issues and entails a profile of their current psychological status. Either applicants themselves or prospective organizations may request this type of report.

    The mental fitness report evaluates and diagnoses psychological disorders and ability to handle daily life activities and challenges they face in their workplaces.

    Mental fitness is your ability to effectively handle life challenges. Mental and emotional fitness affects every aspect of your everyday life, especially your relationships. When you are anxious, tense, frustrated or upset, you cannot fulfill your potential. 



1. This service is not provided to patients in my psychoanalytic psychotherapy practice, nor can those who receive this service become my patients. This is considered a professional and ethical conflict of interest.
2. Please note: I do not determine your eligibility for disability benefits, but this report may help complete your application social service benefits. Disability Determination Services, Veteran Affairs, the adult applicant, the parent or guardian of the applicant, or the applicant’s law firm may request this type of report.